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Finally, a range of grooming products designed by dog show people for show dogs.

After many years of researching ingredients, Animal House has been able to release a range of quality grooming products that actually work for the Australian show dog.
Our main focus is to provide an excellent, naturally derived product that delivers results at an affordable price.
We believe there is no need for harsh chemicals, which means:


Mighty White N Brite - 500ml/1 litre/5 litre (Dilution ratio 10/15:1)

Is heralded as the best whitening shampoo on the market, even better then many of the overseas ones. The shampoo is soap free, it contains two different types of whitening agents and an optical brightener, it does not contain a bleach or a harsh chemical that will destroy or damage soft fragile coats. It is highly concentrated to allow every one to use it to their own requirements, i.e.: if you have a badly stained dog and you want to remove or reduce the stain, then you dilute it less, if you have a coloured dog with white in it you can dilute it more and so on. Once you have achieved the desired level of white on your dog's coat you can then dilute the shampoo down even more too just maintain the white. Beware you must rinse it very well or it can make your dog purple, it is very powerful stuff. Also safe for young puppies.

For those that wish to try this fantastic whitening shampoo, this smaller size is just for you. With a high dilution rate this size can last for months when used on small breeds.

Tenda-Care - 500ml/1 litre/5 litre (Dilution ratio 15/20:1)

Revised Formula for the Tenda-Care to make it baby gentle and the natural fragrances of Green Apple and Cinnamon have been added. TRY IT, YOU WILL LOVE IT.

Wonderful all purpose shampoo, safe for very young puppies, will not wash off monthly flea treatments and is also soap free, low irritant and highly concentrated, it can be diluted down as far as 25 to 1 and still gives a great clean. This one is my preferred maintenance bath shampoo; it is so economical that one could use about 10 mls to bath 4 dogs, and not in the same water. Tenda-Care is a great salon shampoo, with a 5 litre container making well over 50 litres of usable shampoo. It is best used in an applicator bottle as it can be a bit too foamy for a hydro bath, although has been used it in a hydro bath, recommend direct application. For those that are not happy with the current herbal shampoos available, this size gives you the ability to try this great shampoo many times over, due to the great dilution rate.

Pure Alternative Shampoo- 500ml/1 litre/5 litre (Dilution ratio 5/8:1) - NO CHEMICALS

A specialist shampoo, recommended for those that either have severe problems with a badly damaged coat, or have very sensitive skin, or have a dog with a very harsh coat. Can be used by those that want a shampoo that will not change coat texture and will in fact repair a damaged coat. Pure Alt is made of only a few ingredients, coconut oil, vegetable glycerine, olive oil and vanilla extract, will not foam up as it does not contain any chemicals. For those wanting a shampoo that is so free of chemicals then this is it. Special clients that use this shampoo on Chinese Crested powder puffs with great success, and also a chap that uses it on his Bouvier with outstanding results. Once you use this shampoo and gain the desired results you will never change, there is nothing on the market like it anywhere. It does help those really naughty coats that are going through a puppy stage or a coat change period, it helps them settle and look great for a show. Pure Alternative is excellent for all Terrier type coats as it will not change the texture of the coat.

For those that have hard to handle coats this shampoo and this great size is an excellent choice, both economically and for ease of use. Idea for soft, fluffy, fly away coats, right through to hard course coat.

Purely Silk - - 500ml/1 litre/5 litre (Dilution ratio 8/15:1)

Protein conditioner, and is filled with silk amino acids and is just the best conditioner on the market and it does not have any silicone in it at all. All, or most, dog conditioners have silicone in them, this does not. This can also be diluted right down or used neat if you have a really damaged coat. Recommend to use it as a pre wash treatment, applying it to the dry coat and leaving it in the coat for up to 30 mins, because it is so thick you do need to dilute it. Recommend dilute it down 8 to 1 to use, some have gone as far as 15 to 1 and say it works a treat, each breed has different requirements and this conditioner allows you to change it slightly to accommodate this. It does not seem to work if you dilute it so far to pop in a spray bottle.

Leave in Luster - 500ml/1 litre/5 litre (Dilution ratio 5/8:1)

Real repair product, it is made to leave in the coat and continue to protect the coat . The reason it all works is because the Leave In Lustre has about 1/3 anti static properties in it and the rest is silk proteins, it keep coats in great condition in-between shows as well as helping those big coats to be kept under control as shows. Great for split ends too! Use it to give the top coats a glossy finish without silicone, and also has no silicone in it. Some have used it neat, but I find it far too strong and I dilute it right down, 8 to 1 is the preferred usage, again it is made to be versatile and dilute as each breed has different requirements.

Vita Ritche - 500ml/1 litre/5 litre (Dilution ratio 8:1)

Vita Ritchie is a blend of silk proteins, natural and treatment oils with an added anti static component. Essentially a leave in conditioning treatment that will give back that healthy sheen, and life to damaged and dry coats, and restores colour into faded coats, repairing split ends and nourishing the coat back to its normal healthy state. VITA-RICHE does all this and will not change texture in harsh coats, does not need a stripping type or clarifying type shampoo to wash it out, one or two washes with Animal House Tenda-Care or Mighty White & Brite shampoo is al that is needed. Trials with VITA-RICHE have brought back outstanding results with all types of coats benefiting, with added volume, correct texture, richer colour and increased condition, many dogs have grown new coat at a rapid rate with new vitality in the coat and correct texture and deep colours restored. Used with some dogs that have an over profuse coat to hold it in place on show days. With daily treatment recommended for a period of 3 to 4 weeks your dog can have it's coat back to glorious healthy condition again in no time. Specifically designed to be used as an in-between show treatment, to rebuild a healthy coat VITA-RICHE will not build up in the coat. For best results a daily use is recommended for damaged coats, weekly treatment for maintenance. Also be used on show day for those dogs with profuse coats that require a bit of hold and control, body hugging look with out harsh hold down product use.

Finishing Products
Silk Finish - 250 ml (spray bottle)/1 litre/5 litre

Combination of a high grade spray conditioner and a water soluble silicone, (silicone) but this one is totally water soluble, it does not build up or leave any residue, can use it till the cows come home and it just keeps making the coat look wonderful. Some breeds do need it have it diluted and each breed can be different, to give you an idea the Chinese Crested people dilute it 50/50 with water The 250 ml size comes in a convenient spray bottle, refill with the economical 1 litre size.

Coat Magic Coat Spray - 250ml (Spray bottle)/1 litre/5 litres

It truly is magic, used correctly never have a knot in your dog ever again. A straight and total anti static spray, that it really is as it removes the static charge from the hair completely, once the static charge is kept off the hair it no longer knots together, long coated dogs really do benefit not only in knot prevention but also in removing knots. To remove knots, spray the area and leave for a few minutes, work it into really bad knots and gently start pulling the knot apart, it sort of unravels knots they just release. Coat Magic has no silicone or harsh chemicals and can be diluted for fine coats, most use it as is, but the toy breeds do dilute it as much as 50/50 with water. Coat Magic is the best blow drying spray, I now never blow dry a dog unless I first spray it with Coat Magic.

Volhold Volume Hold Gel - 150 gms

Volhold is a revolution, it does what ever you want it to do, it holds coats in place, it adds volume, it makes very short coat sheen and look clean and healthy, it keeps whites white and holds powder and chalk in coats, all this and it does not change the coat texture or build up, and not feel anything in the coat. Volhold will disperse through a wet coat with great ease and blow dries in to no feel at all, and helps straighten wavy coats and hold parts all day long, can be used on a dry coat as well and just brushed in.

Cologne - 250 ml spray

Coco Crush is our wonderful new cologne, combining the excellent natural powers of vanilla and coconut to give a truly wonderful fragrance to your pet and your pets' environment. Coco Crush is highly concentrated, containing a deodorizer to help eliminate ugly pet odors, also giving your pet a wonderful fragrance that will not interfere with sensitive skin, or noses. Coco Crush does not contain alcohol therefore is safe to use on and around all dogs, cats and puppies of all ages.